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Speech about natural disaster in indonesia

In the name of allah the most merciful the most kind .
Good morning ladies and gentlemen,honorable judge, all the participants of speech world , who has given us healthiness. So that we can be here praise is upon to our prophet Muhammad SAW,and his family,his companions and his faith full followers who was strived for allah’s religion of islam.
Natural disaster in Indonesia
Disasters in Indonesia happen again and again such mount merapi  eruption,tsunami in aceh that claimed to kill a lot number of victims. the disasters here happen , maybe the god wants to test us by taking whatever we love
Some factors of disaster
Disaster is caused by human attitude,when people do not care about the nature ,like build housings in absorbtion places . so,when the rain comes , there is flood and when human do illegal logging , they cut a tree and it caused global warming . those disaster that caused by human.
Disaster is caused by bad moral
Maybe allah is giving a lesson to the people in the place .because, they only think of themselves and forget to pray to the god, for example the history of prophet noah AS.noah followers got disaster because they moral are bad. They didn’t want to be nuh follower But humiliated noah, they said that noah was a liar and noah lesson was wrong, and then great flood attacked them.
Technology effects change ecosystem in the nature, for  example the use of technology, which makes ozon liar thinner, because of the improperly waste recycle and then bacuase this modern technology also makes radiation which is caused by the users them selves.
To understand the disaster, we must introspect our selves,we must not litter, cut the trees or burn the woods. We can use the ICT to protect our woods by monitoring, and do a quick action whenever the disaster comes.

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